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Podcast: Cov-Lite Loans - Perspective and Implications for the credit market

Publication Date: 29 Nov 2019 - By Eugene Regis By Eugene R.

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ReachX Podcast with Credit Strategist Eugene Regis, discussing his perspective and implications of the rise of covenant-lite loans

00:58 – Cov-Lite: historical context
02:04 – Are the Cov-Lite loans the pariah they are made out to be?
02:52 – Are the Cov-Lite loans or the erosion of maintenance covenants the concern?
04:26 – How do we think Cov-Lite will affect recoveries?
05:45 – Will cov-lite reduce the number of defaults and increase the number of “zombie” credits?
08:38 – Are we going to end up with a “one-size fits all” credit market?


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