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ReachX Webcast: What’s in store for the Oil market in H2 2019?

By Gaurav Sharma (Editor ReachX) By Gaurav Sharma (Editor ReachX)

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  • In 2018, the oil market experienced spikes and dives, accompanied by bullish and bearish forecasts that were often way off track. But the slump seen in Q4 – now appears to have found a floor; and question now turns to the 2019 ceiling and support / resistance levels as oil prices rise. So where from here over the short-term?
  • OPEC often appears dysfunctional and keeps receiving pot-shots from US president Donald Trump in a manner quite unlike any of his predecessors causing intraday fluctuations. There are also moves by US lawmakers to take anti-trust action against OPEC. What does it all mean for the cartel?
  • Nigeria, Venezuela, Libya remain in turmoil, Iran faces unilateral sanctions from Trump, while rumours suggest Russian-led 10 non-OPEC producers are now lukewarm on the idea of extending oil production cuts further. Can OPEC keep order and its ongoing cooperation with Russia going?
  • The US is now the world’s largest producer of crude oil and even its exports are tipped to cap those of Russia and Saudi Arabia by 2023-24. So what can the global market expect of the US and can we really give it the accolade of a ‘Swing Producer’?
  • What about demand scenarios in the face of economic headwinds – including the US-China standoff, Brexit, European (especially German) and Chinese slowdowns.
  • Finally, where are the oil prices going in 2019 using Brent and WTI as a benchmarks?


Gaurav  Sharma  is  Head of Content at ReachX and a  London,  UK-based  oil  market  analyst.  At present, he provides research and analysis for multiple financial clients, and writes regularly for Forbes, Rigzone and Energy Post, alongside his industry blog ‘Oilholics Synonymous’. Gaurav is also a regular and lively commentator at energy industry  forums,  academic  events,  trading  portals,  OPEC conference streams, and several broadcasting outlets including CNBC, BBC, TRT World, CGTN, IG Markets TV and more.

He has reported from Asia, Europe, Middle East and the Americas for over 15 years, with a specialisation in macroeconomics and commodities. Gaurav has also covered every OPEC summit since 2008, with over 11 years of perspective. While the oil futures market remains his core area of interest, as a supply-side analyst Gaurav is equally intrigued by the physical crude market. He has also extensively covered oil and gas project finance, emerging industry technologies and process efficiencies in the past.


25 Apr 2019
from 16:00 to 17:00


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Gaurav Sharma (Editor ReachX)

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