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Podcast: Role of hydrogen and fuel cells in the future energy mix

Publication Date: 22 Jan 2020 - By ReachX Team By ReachX T.

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The fuel cell industry finally shipped more than a gigawatt of fuel cells in 2019, evidence of an increasingly capable supply chain. Prof. David Hart, Director of E4tech, responsible for the reasearch and consulting firm's Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Practices, met ReachX Associate Editor Gaurav Sharma to discuss how major corporate players are placing strong bets on fuel cells being a part of the future energy mix. 

To listen to Prof. David Hart's podcast on SoundCloud click here

In a wide-ranging podcast, Hart also touches on how the value of fuel cell technologies is starting to be noticed by politicians, who want to ensure jobs and economies are protected in the energy transition, and especially in the maelstrom of change that is the automotive industry. Financial investment is coming back. Costs are coming down, and will come down much further, if momentum is sustained.


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