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Podcast: Bobby Vedral, Founder of Macro Eagle

Publication Date: 18 Dec 2018 - By ReachX Team By ReachX T.

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From Brexit to Italian debt, emerging markets to global monetary policy, investors have plenty to ponder about over the coming 12 months. How much should your risk appetite be in the current climate? What amount would you allocate to gold should you seek a safe haven at a time of perceived socioeconomic turmoil? Where is Latin America heading? 

With the very same questions in mind, our Editor Gaurav Sharma caught up with industry veteran Bobby Vedral to gather his thoughts. 

Vedral is a former Goldman Sachs Partner whose current focus is the future of the German-British relationship post Brexit. He serves as the UK representative of the German Economic Council (Wirtschaftrat Deutschland) and publishes a monthly macro-political newsletter (Macro Eagle). Drawing on his experience in the financial markets, Vedral discusses the challenges facing the global economy, monetary policy and what investors should expect over the horizon in 2019.

To listen to Bobby Vedral’s podcast on SoundCloud click here.

Vedral left Goldman Sachs in March 2018 where he was a Partner and Global Head of Market Strats. His previous responsibilities included Systematic Trading Strategies, eProduct development and FX/EM Structuring. In his external functions, he was Member of the ECB's Foreign Exchange Consulting Group. 


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