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Domino's Pizza - Fundamental Investment Case


Publication Date: 07 Oct 2019 - By Robert Prather By Robert Prather

Thematic Equity UK Consumer

Domino’s Pizza Group (NYSE: DPZ) faces a changing competitive environment. The launch and growth of Deliveroo has brought online hundreds of pizza and non-pizza restaurants to compete with Domino’s in the UK.

Revenue growth has decelerated due to both slowing new store openings and franchisees appear to believe the opportunity for new locations is far less than the parent company due to delivery services.

The rise of delivery services and the gig economy has also changed the economics of franchisees leading to unrest at a wider level. Industry experts believe these trends will only grow more pronounced.

Dominos Pizza - Fundamental Investment Case

Source: Vision Research

Pages: 40

Released: 07 Oct 2019

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