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JD Sports Fashion Plc - Fundamental investment Case


Publication Date: 31 Oct 2018 - By Robert Prather By Robert P.

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JDSports, a high street brick and mortar retailer, faces long term negative traffic trends.

  • Top 5 customers ,consisting of roughly 80%  of sales (particularly Nike and Adidas),continue to invest heavily indirect to consumer channels over the whole sale channel.
  • The recent World Cup and a number of small acquisitions could have temporarily boosted top line revenue growth.
  • JD Sports continues to add new stores, leasesandfixedcostsdespitesalesmovingonline.
  • Finish Line acquisition was a risky move to increases to recount considering the difficult turn around and the capital paid and capital to be invested

JD Sports

Source: VR Fundamental

Pages: 45

Released: 31 Oct 2018

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