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Publication Date: 31 Oct 2018 - By Robert Prather By Robert Prather

Equity Fundamental Equity UK Technology Financial Services  provides  online  price  and  product  comparisons,  along  with  editorial  MoneySupermarket, MoneySavingExpert, and TravelSupermarket. 100% sales derived from the UK.

• Started out in 1993 as an offline business providing mortgage listings
• MoneySupermarket website launched in 1999
• Expanded range of products to include credit cards, personal loans and insurance in 2004
• MoneySavingExpert, the UK’s biggest consumer finance website acquired in 2012
• Operates as a separate website from MoneySupermarket. Editorially independent.
• No advertising. Makes money from affiliate links which are denoted. Only use affiliate links to give users an identical or better deal versus going direct.
• Have 989 service providers across product lines



Source: VR Fundamental

Pages: 43

Released: 31 Oct 2018

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Robert Prather

Equity Analyst

Technology, Consumer, Industrials, Telecom & Media



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