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"End-to-end it took ReachX 48 hours to deliver an excellent professional for an urgent 6-week assignment in financial modelling. I even had the luxury of being able to pick this person from 3 very qualified candidates. Quality and speed are usually not coming together. I was really impressed"
Alex Zivoder, Chief Executive Officer, gohenry
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ReachX connects corporate clients and institutional investors with highly vetted advisors and investment opportunities across venture capital, private equity and private debt


Helping growth companies with access to capital

We connect clients with investors and unlock growth opportunities


Sourcing vetted senior advisors and investment opportunities

We have secured exclusive partnerships with leading firms to deliver unique services and research
Economic Consulting Associates, specialist in renewable energy in Emerging markets
Wiserfunding, a unique credit
scoring platform for SMEs
A boutique consulting strategy with sole focus on pharma and biotech R&D strategy

2000+ vetted advisors
The top 5%

We will actively promote you for projects at top financial Institutions and corporates. You will have the opportunity to showcase your expertise through our podcast and events. You can also bring your own transactions to be executed on the platform
"Hands-on practical advice with a pragmatic approach to projects. Well scoped work with clear deliverables. The team were supportive while allowing freedom. Would definitely recommend them."
Owen - Advisor Food Sector former Bain & Company consultant

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ReachX uses algorithms to match institutional investors and corporate clients with advisors they wouldn't have found otherwise

​​ReachX services are used by leading companies worldwide who need help from professional finance experts, consultant and seasoned C-level advisors

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