ReachX leverages its global network of Advisors to deliver the highest quality of services and research to Companies and Investors




Our clients include Corporates and Financial Institutions looking for bespoke services and unbiased advice from experienced professionals with deep industry knowledge



ReachX Advisors have experience as CEOs, CFOs, Investor relations professionals, Equity Research analysts, Fixed income professionals, ESG consultants, Portfolio Managers, M&A bankers, Blockchain consultants, Fintech specialists, General counsels or industry advisors across sectors.


They can assist with any topics informing a financial or investment decision and have been selected among the top 4% of applicants with a rigorous screening process. Find more about becoming an Advisor







ReachX provides short-term advisor consultations and long-term project capabilities to solve your most complex financial challenges. Find more about our services for Corporates and Investors.

ReachX is also investing in AI and leverages technology to offer unique and consistent services to its clients



Platform Model

ReachX connects Corporates,
Investors and Advisors
fostering collaboration and exchanges.




Q: What is ReachX?

ReachX is a platform offering services to Corporates and Investors by leveraging its network of Financial advisors.

Q: What services does ReachX offer?

ReachX offers services that enhance visibility for corporates including access to Senior IR, content creation, investors and our advisor network.

Q: What is different about ReachX?

ReachX functions as a platform, giving a high level of flexibility and cost-effective approach to Corporates.

Q: What is ReachX mission?

ReachX's mission is to deliver the highest quality of services and research to companies and investors leveraging our global network of Advisors.

Q: What are the values of ReachX?

We believe in developing professional expertise with our core values: curiosity and integrity shared with our advisor community.

Q: What type of IR professionals can be found on the platform?

ReachX is a platform offering services to Corporates and Investors by leveraging its network of Financial advisors.We work with very experienced IR professionals (more than 20-years experience) who have set up an IR function, and have worked with pre-IPO companies, small listed companies as well as large corporates.

Q: Who are the Advisors on the platform?

Our advisors are former CFOs, Analysts, Capital Markets specialists, Corporate Finance professionals with deep industry experience. Our advisors are rigorously selected among the top 4% of applicants and go through a formal interview process. We also review their work samples, articles and presentations to ensure they can deliver high quality standards.

Q: Can anyone become a ReachX client?

We typically work with small publicly listed companies but we also work with private companies generally after the Series A round. We also work with larger corporations when they need a very specific consultation on a topic and need expertise in Fintech for example.

Q: What is the business model of ReachX?

Depending on the project and assignment, ReachX can provide a team of Advisors to resolve a problem and typically charges a fee for a project or a day/rate and hourly/ rate for consultation. Clients have a very transparent view on the budget and pricing approach.

Q: How is content produced by ReachX?

ReachX works with a global network of contributors and produces insights on companies that are not well covered. Our objective is to provide actionable ideas for investors and unique content Contributors provide insights on:

  • IPO and Placements
  • Special Situations
  • Long ideas

Our providers are research houses and boutique research outfits, freelance analysts, consultants, academics, data scientists and industry advisors. We select them based on their coverage universe (looking for less well covered areas) and ability to offer differentiated content.

All the content is reviewed by the ReachX team, so the content is curated and checked for quality and accuracy.

1-15 Clere Street, EC2A 4UY
London, United Kingdom
1-15 Clere Street, EC2A 4UY
London, United Kingdom
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