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Founded in 2002, Converging Knowledge is driven by the passion to provide quality research at affordable prices.

Today, they  are Asia’s premier provider of customised research and analysis and dedicate their services to professional firms that provide consulting, advisory and transaction support services. Through Converging Knowledge, our clients gain insights into countries, markets and companies, so as to build a competitive edge in strategy formulation and solutions delivery. 

Converging Knowledge offers a diverse range of research services based on clients’ requirements, such as

Mergers and acquisitions
- IdentIfy lists of target companies for potential buy-outs
- Identify industries for potential investments
- For sale mandates, identifying and listing potentials buyers; and
- Assist in writing information memorandum to showcase strengths and investment attraction

Support forensic activities
- Asset tracing of companies and business individuals
- Relational mapping of business associates and parties

Market entry studies:
- Competitive landscape and offerings, market sizing, prospects and projections
- Identification of opportunities in other markets; trends and development & market demand for products
- Regulations, restrictions and incentives

Purchase of corporate records and filings (where available) throughout Asia

Industry Expertise:

Rice, Pulp & Paper, Fruits & Vegetables, Asia Metal Commodities Market, Palm Oil, Steel, Mills Production, Timber, Titanium, Sugar Alcohol, Gold, Iron & Steel, Oil & Gas, Cotton, Sand & Aggregates

Consumer Products & Services
Dairy Markets, Baby Food, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Casual Dining, Food Processing, Food Sanitation & Testing, Thematic Restaurants, Soya Sauce, Seafood, Outdoor Sportswear, Digital Media Recorders, Children’s Apparel, Sportshoes, Women’s Lingerie, Peanut Oil, Wines, Handbags, Diapers

Financial Services
Insurance, Financial Industry, Credit Cards, Wealth Management Market, Stock Options, Global Banking Strategies, Retail Banking, Core Banking Systems in Singapore, Payment Gateway, Electronics Payment Industry, Crossborder Listings, Digital Financing, Online Remittance, SME Financing, E-Commerce

Health Science & Services
Healthcare Services, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare Insurance, Clinical Research, Blood Coagulation Test Instruments, Cleanroom, Diagnostic Services, Cosmedical Industry, Tele-Health Services, Eldercare Services, Medical Devices, Radiological Services, Biomedical, Medical Consumables, Nursing Homes, Fine Chemicals, Lasik Surgery, Life Support Equipment, Aesthetic Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Biosensors, Retirement Village, Medical Malpractice, Liver Diseases, Radiation Oncology, Managed Healthcare and GP Services, Orphan Drugs

Industrial Products
Bearings, China Lubricants, Flexible Packaging, Food Processing & Packaging Equipment, Industrial Automation, Inverter & Server Motor, M&A Actuator, Machine Tools, Machineries & Textile Equipment, Steel Mills, Refrigeration Market, Hydrogen Gas, Hydrogen/ “Healthy Water”, Copiers & Printers, Sealing in Rubber Technology, Flow Valves & Gaskets, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Rigging & Lifting Equipment Infrastructure,

Energy & Environment
Illegal Waste, Illegal Logging, Tourism Investments, Wind Turbine Development, Oil & Chemicals, Aluminium Construction, Civil Engineering, Eco Housing Projects, Organic Wastewater, FPSO, Highway Concessions, Oil & Lubricants Recycling, Water Treatment, Clean Energy, Pest Control, Air Purifiers, Bio Fuels and Biomass

Logistics & Transportation
Airport Infrastructure, Airfreight, Courier Services, Container & Bulk Shipping, MRO, Feeder Services, Shipbuilding, Commercial Trucking, Retail Logistics, Cold Chain Logistics, Component Suppliers, Retail Sales & Distribution, Telematics

Policy & Trade
SME Policies & Incentives, Capital Relocation, Employee Share Option Scheme, Foreign Talent, Free Trade Agreement, Political Development & Trade, Privatisation, Social Security & ID Number

Casino Development, Exhibition Industry, Facilities Management, Pay TV, Philanthropic Families, Recruitment Agencies Benchmarking, Education Services, International Schools, Knowledge Management Industry, Country Clubs, Incentive Travel, Museums, Spa Industry, Early Childhood Education, Professional Services (Legal, Audit, Consultancy, Advertising), Theme Parks, Data Centres

Photonics, Electronics Test Equipment, Casino Technology, University Technology Collaboration, Content Industry, e-Government Services & Applications, IPV6 Telematics, Network Security, Internet Connection & Encryption , Indoor Firing Ranges, Set-Top Boxes, Smart Urban Management Solutions, Virtual/Digital Currency, Tower Communication Contractors

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1-15 Clere Street, EC2A 4UY
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