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The Fuel Cell Industry Review


Publication Date: 22 Jan 2020 - By David Hart By David H.

Thematic Commodity Global Energy


Major corporate players placed reasonably-sized bets on fuel cells being a part of the future energy mix. Some swallowed smaller pure-play entities whole, while others chose the route of multiple partners for the multiple applications and solutions.

In bare numbers, the total units shipped globally grew only marginally over 2018 and remains near 70,000 pieces. A more important indicator is the output in megawatts (MW) shipped. This correlates with the area of fuel cells produced and thus with the sales and manufacturing capacities in the industry – and with costs. More MW means lower costs ahead. And the MW grew by 40% from 800 MW in 2018 to more than 1,100 MW in our preliminary figures for 2019, which include a forecast for the final quarter.

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Fuel Cell Report

Source: E4TEch

Pages: 52

Released: 22 Jan 2020

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