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How are Cryptocurrencies doing this week

Publication Date: 30 Apr 2018 - By Market Mogul By Market M.

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Last week saw most cryptocurrencies rally before pulling back on Thursday. Regardless, fears of impending regulation over the cryptocurrency market seem to have eased and the market is in a fairly steady upward trend. Bitcoin has settled above the $9,000 mark with Ethereum at trading at $680 at the time of writing. EOS has been the market’s biggest winner of late; its price has shot from just $4 in the middle of March to over $20 as of now.

That’s not bad for a platform that is yet to launch its mainnet. Meanwhile, Ethereum has been embroiled in an internal dispute regarding the implementation of EIP 999, a code change that will see lost ether returned to accounts. Some developers feel that altering the code ex ante will harm the integrity of the project, while others feel that reimbursing users for lost funds is essential to building a fair and robust platform.

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