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The client-centered approach: the key for quick results?

Publication Date: 30 Sep 2021 - By Mehdi El Azhari By Mehdi El Azhari

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At ReachX, we are on a mission to make advisory services simpler, more accessible and cost-effective by connecting efficiently tomorrow's finance workforce.

We started the summer in a very special way and are proud to officially unveil to ReachX advisors, as well as corporate executives, and investors a new format of live events, The ReachX with me, organised by the team weekly where the team members and advisors share their projects and their perspectives on their industry.

We are in an era where everything happens at the click of a button, and decisions are made in split seconds. However, some decisions need a bit more deliberation, doesn't mean that it can't be delivered quickly.

Our next ReachX with me event is on Tuesday, the 28th of September, at 6.30 pm with our eighth live session: The client-centred approach: the key for quick results?

This session will be hosted by ReachX and animated by our guest, Ash Pumma, Head of Recruitment at ReachX.

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