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ESG Strategy: How to define it and how to apply it - a guide for Corporates, and what investors care about?

Publication Date: 23 Sep 2021 - By ReachX Team By ReachX T.

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At ReachX, we are on a mission to make advisory services simpler, more accessible and cost-effective by connecting efficiently tomorrow's finance workforce.

We started the summer in a very special way and are proud to officially unveil to ReachX advisors, as well as corporate executives, and investors a new format of live events, The ReachX with me, organised by the team weekly where the team members and advisors share their projects and their perspectives on their industry.

If you are not living under the rock, you have heard of ESG, and know its full form. But, it is worth knowing more than that about this addition.

We were delighted to welcome last Tuesday14/09 for our ReachX with me event, Cynthia Alers,Senior Advisor in Investor Relations and ESG who shared very interesting insights about ESG Strategies definition, implementation and what investors care about.

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